SAP S4 HANA FI – Financial Training in Karachi, Pakistan

SAP S4 HANA FI – Financial Training in Karachi, Pakistan


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SAP S4 HANA FI-Financial Training is a training experience that’s aligned with your needs in the modern world of business. Making your understanding about SAP is important to decide your future. SAP is a word that stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data processing.

SAP Financial Accounting stands for FI, and SAP Controlling stands for CO. SAP FI-Financial Training delivers the understanding and expertise professionals need for the betterment and good management of finance accounting.

As a part of SAP’S commitment and increasing demand results in introducing 2 E-Academies in Karachi and Lahore. These E-Academies are set up by SAP to train the Pakistani youths, more specifically in ERP software.

What to know about SAP FI Certification?

SAP S4 HANA  SAP FI Certified person is now high in demand in the progressive world of business. The SAP S4 HANA FI certificate is the ideal-although not mandatory-prerequisite for the qualification to SAP certified professionals in Financial Accounting.

As mentioned above, SAP FICO is the Finance and Cost controlling module in SAP ERP. SAP FI is one of the important and widely implemented modules in SAP. Learning of SAP FICO will give you the key to ruling the SAP functional Modules.

SAP Financial Accounting gathers and stores business transactions in such a way that satisfies external reporting requirements. Online integration of SAP Financial Accounting within itself and with other modules, allows the manager to evaluate the financial position of the company in actual time.

Course Content.

SAP FI-Financial Course includes a five hours on-demand video, full lifetime access, access on mobile and TV, and Certificated of completion. SAP FI-Financial Training in Pakistan consist of a series of SAP FI tutorials. Those tutorials will help you to learn the SAP FI module on your rack and step. The course content is comprised of 8 sections in total with 58 lectures.

  • Basis of SAP FICO: Organization structure
  • Basis of SAP FICO: General Ledger
  • Basis of SAP FICO: Accounts Payable
  • Basis of SAP FICO: Accounts Receivable
  • Asset Accounting in SAP FICO
  • Treasury in SAP FICO
  • Controlling in SAP FICO
  • Conclusion

Coming towards how long it will take to be SAP FI certified, it includes 14 modules in total. Which are:

  1. Getting started with SAP FI.
  2. SAP FI Master Data
  3. SAP FI Documents
  4. Clearing Processes in SAP FI
  5. SAP Cash Journal
  6. Special G/L Transactions
  7. Parking and holding documents in SAP.
  8. Automatic payment program
  9. Dunning
  10. Closing and Activities
  11. Financial Statements in SAP
  12. Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables
  13. Accruals and Deferrals
  14. Integration with Other Modules

Which companies are using SAP S4 HANA in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a South Asian country alongside a semi-industrialized economy. To this day, Pakistan is on the list of active members in various world bodies. All those include the Non-Aligned Movement, the United Nations, ECOSOC, the Commonwealth of Nations, and more. There are hundreds of customers in Pakistan spanning across private and public sectors.

Many of these sectors are relying on SAP’S enterprise software and are also increasing with the increasing years. Talking about business suites, SAP S4 HANA is the fourth version of SAP business suite, and a good start to career. Companies providing SAP implementation and consulting service in Pakistan are mentioned below:

  • Excellence Delivered ExD Pvt. Ltd
  • IBM Italia SpA (Pakistan)
  • Abacus Consulting Technology Pvt Ltd
  • Abacus Consulting
  • Hussain Chaudhury Consulting
  • Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • BI Solutions
  • IBL-Unisys (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Information Architects
  • Tally marks Consulting
  • Wemyt Private Ltd
  • IBM Pakistan

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