SAP SD – Sales and Distribution Course in Karachi, Pakistan

SAP SD – Sales and Distribution Course in Karachi, Pakistan


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What’s better than being a professional ineffective management of sales documents in a specific system? SAP SD Course is one of the fundamental and primary courses in SAP. SAP SD, which fully stands for SAP Sales and Distribution, is one of the primary modules of SAP ERP. But the most important additions of SAP in all the 23 years is SAP S4HANA.

It is no wrong if we say that SAP SD is a core functional module in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC). This functional module deals with the better management of sales and customer distribution data. SAP SD permits organizations to stock and manage customer and product-related data.

The data grabbed is then used by organizations to manage all the sales orders, shipping, debiting, and invoicing of their stocks, merchandise, and services. SAP SD consultants having SAP SD training are also high in demand in this modern world of business.

Although SAP SD Course is the most vital module developed by SAP and aids in better management of sales and customer distribution data. The module involves some important components, which are:

  • Master Data
  • Sales
  • Shipping of Material
  • Billing-Related
  • Sales support
  • Products Transportation
  • Foreign Trade

Features of SAP SD Modules.

  • The most important feature noted is the Availability Check, which will help to check the availability of a product in the showroom or depository of an organization.
  • Credit Management is a technique to cope with and control the credit limits of the customer. The two ways to check are simple credit checks and automatic credit checks.
  • Determination of material will assist you to determine the details of materials based on unquestionable and definite conditions.
  • Taxation and price will assist the organization to estimate the price of commodities and services under some conditions. Those conditions might be rebate or discount which is favored to the customer.
  • Determination of accounts will aid you to establish and regulate the details of customers based on the given condition.
  • The last feature noted is Billing and invoice which will assist you to generate bills or invoices.

SAP SD Certification.

You can go for SAP SD Training before the SAP SD Certification. The training is accessible for everyone, even for beginners in SAP SD. The training is also helpful for those who have experience as SAP SD consultants. You can easily start your training for SAP SD through many of the online services available or from institutes in your city.

A beginner should get one of SAP SD Books to get prepare for the basics. The sample SAP SD questions are very helpful during the gestation for SAP SD Certification In Karachi, Pakistan. These preparative sample questions will assist you to practice before the real exam and to grab knowledge.

What will I learn in SAP SD Course?

The SAP SD Training in Pakistan will allow you to learn what is SAP SD, the Features of the module, some Key Components of SAP SD. Also, SAP-SD-MD (Master Data), SAP-SD-SLS (Sales), SAP-SD-BIL (Billing Module), SAP-SD-SHP (Shipping), SAP-SD-TBA (Transportation), SAP-SD-CAS (Sales Support), SAP-SD-FTT (Foreign Trade), and Advantages of SAP SD Software. The SAP SD module functions closely with other modules of SAP towards effective process work.

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