You might be thinking about what these above-mentioned four mysterious words meant? Right? SAP S4 HANA IDES stands for Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System. This system is used for testing and training purposes which runs in a demo application. It is a demo SAP system which was developed by SAP AG.

The system is used for SAP training courses, at start SAP IDES system does not contain training data for the SAP training courses. This training data is loaded into the system before the beginning of the SAP training course. IDES carries application data for many business frameworks and structures which run in the SAP systems.

It is no wrong if we say that the business processes in the SAP S4 HANA IDES system are outlined to reflect real-life business needs. It also has access to many realistic characteristics. The system utilizes a type of business scenario that shows the comprehensive functions of the R/3 system.

System Requirements:

Any Windows Operating with 64bit version.

RAM : 256GB

Processor : 18-24 core Zeon 

HDD : 700GB – 1Tb

What is the difference between SAP S4 HANA IDES and SAP Best Practice?

The major difference noticed is that in SAP IDES system available is on-premise. While Best Practice has on-premise, cloud, and Hybrid. Also, IDES contains global information in just one system, while Best practice contains country-specific information.

High volume data is required in SAP IDES but in best practice, limited data volume is used. Requirements of the system in IDES are SAP ERP 6.0, SAP ECC 6.0-Unicode it is the ABAP-AS, on the other hand, SAP S4HANA 1909 on HANA 2.0 is required.

SAP IDES Installation approach includes Software Download Center in the SAP Service Marketplace. And in best practice SAP Cloud Appliance Library is the installation approach.